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Join Alexi and you’ll never have to ask again.


Each week, we offer our members a handpicked selection of books – all recommended by prominent writers, cultural figures and our expert in-house team – and all available to read at your leisure on the Alexi iOS app.


Our members care about their choices, and especially what they read. But they lead busy lives and have little time to wade through endless, undifferentiated options to find what they need.

Alexi does it for them.

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With new selections of books appearing all the time, every visit to Alexi is a new opportunity for discovery.
Here’s a taste of who is on Alexi right now:

John le Carré

John le Carré

Sathnam Sanghera

Sathnam Sanghera

Tracy Chevalier

Tracy Chevalier

Bernardine Evaristo

Bernardine Evaristo

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All the books you’ll ever need

Alexi delivers a perfectly distilled range of books into the palm of your hand.


As an Alexi member you can select from 400+ titles over the course of a year – outstanding fiction and non-fiction that you can read anytime, anywhere on your iPhone or iPad.


Alexi offers memberships for as little as £2.99/month, giving you exclusive access to the world’s smartest book club.

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The journey is the reward

The Alexi app is a pleasure in itself. It guides you seamlessly through our recommended titles, featuring unique insights from our in-house team.


As you browse, you’re likely to encounter books you were already curious about, as well as books you’ve never heard of before: hidden gems that Alexi is bringing back into the light.


Your personal Alexi library holds 12 books at a time, and you can read up to 30 books over the course of a year, at no additional cost.

Curate your Alexi library, share news of your latest Alexi discoveries with your friends, family or book club, and enjoy a whole new way of thinking about what you read.

If you love good books, you’ll love Alexi.