Frequently Asked Questions

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Alexi is a digital book club, where you can find, share and read great books. Our ever-changing roster of writers, artists and cultural figures, along with our expert editorial team, handpick a selection of their favourite titles for you to discover and read on our app – anytime, anywhere.
There is always something to discover on Alexi, with new lists added weekly. Each list is on the app for four weeks. During that time you can browse the list, read our editorial team’s unique take on each title and add any book you’re interested in to your personal Alexi library. Your library can hold up to 12 books at a time, and they will remain there for you to enjoy for as long as you are an Alexi member, even after the lists from which they’ve been selected have expired.
We know how busy and full our members’ lives are. So Alexi offers a focused, carefully considered range of properly good books, taking our members beyond the obvious and providing a more interesting way of finding the perfect book for them.
Some of our titles are restricted in certain territories - specifically in Australia and New Zealand and therefore members in those countries will not be able to read some titles.
Alexi offers memberships on a rolling basis – for £1.99/week – or an annual basis – for the equivalent of £1.54/week. Essentially our aim is for Alexi to cost you less per week than a Sunday paper or a single cup of coffee. Your membership gives you full access to the Alexi app and all the books recommended on it.
You can cancel your membership at any time through your online account at Just click on the "edit membership" button and press "cancel membership". Or you can cancel by writing to us at
You can become an Alexi member anywhere in the world except for the USA and it's territories, the Philippines and Canada. We will be offering North American membership as soon as we can in 2017. Once you are a member it doesn’t matter where you are: as long as you have an internet connection you’ll be able to access Alexi. A small number of titles on Alexi are restricted for our Australian and New Zealand members.
At the moment, Alexi is available as an iOS app that works on iPhone and iPad. We have plans to launch an Android version soon.
You can choose to make up to three books at a time available to read offline
Some of you may have experienced difficulty changing the Alexi e-reader font size on your iPad, which is due to a glitch in the Apple iOS 10 software. Apple have now issued an update, so if you ensure your iPad is updated to iOS 10.2 then the issue should be solved. If you for whatever reason you are unable to update to iOS 10.2 then please do contact us at We’d be happy to help.
You can use Alexi on up to three (3) devices at any one time. In order to add another device all you have to do is download the Alexi app from the App Store to the device you want to use and sign in with your email and password.